2006 Fiesta SXI - The real fun to drive sedan

2006 Fiesta SXI - The real fun to drive sedan

September 10, 2020

: 2006
: 190000

There is no words to explain it's just amazing!

- Ajay Chandra 

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    Best car under 10Lakhs budget. Will get the experience of 18L valued car. Super smooth ,vibration less, noise less cabin,quick, fast and powerful engine, super responsive steering that will bring the smile in your face and includes 90% of required features. I should say dont spend money on Verna,City,Rapid because when you compare the extra money that you are going to spend on those car in comparison to Ford Aspire ,you will find the difference  is not matching with what your spending on those car. Little extra leg space,same powerful engine,same seating capacity, some extra features only. But for those


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    small extra things you are paying lot....only for 5-6 yrs.

    - Shibaji Sanyal

    First of I want to thank Auto trend for such detailed video which make my decision easy to take Tata Nexon XZ. I'm very happy to have a Desi product with super built quality and safety features. Seat comfort is top notch, it won't let you tired for long journey. Rear seat leg room is very good no problem for tall person. 03 person can easily sit at rear. Music system gives the feel of icing on the cake, very nice sound quality. Suspension is good.

    Engine is powerful but I feel lag in 4-5 gear in city mode. On highway


    2020 Tata Nexon XZ - Ownership Experience

    it will give the riding fun. Milage I am getting 10-11 in city till now.


    I bought a VW Vento, TDI, 2019, DSG Automatic. I took delivery on 01st November 2019 and the dealership did not give the promised accessories and also the Chrome Door Sill which is a Standard Equipment. After lot of follow up and one mail to the VW MD set the things straight. From the start there is noise in the door rubber and aftrer 6-7 visits it is still not rectified. Another problem with the Highline Plus Model is the LED Headlamps which neither offer good throw nor good spread and are a big problem and nowhere is comparision to


    2020 Tata Nexon XZ - Ownership Experience

    that of Honda City, Seltos Etc. So Helogen lights are the best choice since LED Assembly design is itself defective. I had booked a Skoda Rapid and due to inclination towards LED Headlights I cancelled the booking of Rapid and purchased a Vento.

    One more problem in VWs are squeeking doors of the cars due to rubber on the door and the service centres do not have any answer for that and I am facing this since inception. 

    Front Seats lack under thigh support and so does the rear seats. Space is good if seen on stand alone basis and better than Verna but no where near Honda City. The large transmission hump in the rear restricts the car for only 4 passengers. The car is not very practicle since it lacks cubby holes to storage. Glove box is large and cooled and will gobble up lot of stuff, but small storage areas are a miss for storing mobile phone, wallet, change, coins etc. Seats are comfortable but people with large built will miss the under thigh support as the seats are flat and not raised to support thigh. Seat are leatherette and made of good quality and are neither too soft nor too hard. Head room is ample, foot room is good and leg room is adequate. 

    The ergonimics of the car are good as everything falls in place and you need not take off your eyes from road for almost anything. The rear AC vent is a problem since it cannot be closed. The Air conditioning is good but not excellent since it will either freeze you or boil you and getting something in between is hard work. 

    Side view mirrors are solid and aerodynamic but very small which limit the rear view but are not deal breakers.

    The car is Automatic with DSG transmission with Diesel Engine. The initial pick up of the car is too slow due to DSG transmission and you will miss the torque convertors or CVT for initial pick up. Once it shift to third gear it starts rolling like a normal car. Engine is preety refined with very less NVH inside the cabin. 

     Now lets come to the positives. 

    The car is built solidly like a tank. You open the doors and you would realise the solid build quality. The doors open in three steps and are robust. All the switches in the car are nicely built and have a tactile feeling. All the power windows are auto up and down which are highly convenient. 

    The drive is solid, planted and very stable even at three digit speeds. The suspension works fine at high speed and set of firmer side which gives excellent control and stability on high speeds. 

    The DSG is butter smooth for upshifts and once it reaches in 7th gear the engine is very silent and refined and will never get our of steam and you can press the excellerator and it will keep on rewarding you. Downshift from 3rd gear to 2nd is jearky. Braking is good but not great. 

    Steering is heavy but not unacceptable in city, rather on highway it becomes a delight. Fuel economy is around 16-17 on higway and 12-13 in city with a light foot. 

    Overall it is a driver oriented car for people who travel more on highways. It is less practical and lacks gizomes and gadgets. Honda City is a practical choice for most of the people but if you really want a solidly built, driver oriented mile muncher you choose the Vento. 

    Service has not been a problem though they were helpless in resolving some issues. I would rate the car 3.5 out of 5.   

    - Aarish Khan