December 16, 2020

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Long distance, no compromise EV driving in India is now a reality thanks to Zeon Charging! Drove my Hyundai Kona from Bangalore to my ancestral home near Alathur, Kerala. Total distance of 470km, done in 9 hrs including a 45min charge+30min food stop at Saravana Bhavan Vaigundam.

Zeon EV Charging

Started Bangalore at 3.30pm, car was fully loaded with 3 of us and a full heavy boot. Battery at 100% SoC and 393km in the console. Kept the AC on throughout the journey and didn't hold back the speeds at 110-120kph throughout. 
Unrestricted driving thanks to the confidence given to me by the amazing team at @zeoncharging who kept checking on my trip progress. Reached the charging point at Saravana Bhavan, Vaigundam around 7.15pm and 250km later. Car was at 28% and had about 108km to go. 
The charger, a 50kW Delta unit having 2 CCS2 connectors, is going online in a day or two on the app. Zeon guys were very gracious and helpful and didn't charge me anything for the charge since it was not officially open yet. Plugged in and my Kona started taking in 30kW initially, and went upto 32kW till 75% SoC, after which the car tapered it down to 14kW (happens normally in all EVs). 

Hyundai Kona

My destination was another 215km away, so I only needed about 80% charge, giving me about 300km in range. Took about 40min from 28% to 85% during which I chatted with the company guys, post which I went and had my dinner. 

Finally left at 8.45pm and reached my destination at 11.45pm. Zeon guys were very gracious and helpful and didn't charge me anything for the charge since it was not officially open yet.
Final stats at the destination. Plugged in through my Brightblu charger set at 20A for a slow and steady charge, in time for my return journey! Will be stopping at the same charging point on my way back to get a top up to Bangalore.

Hyundai Kona

COSTS so far: I charge using my rooftop solar at home, so I don't pay anything for charging the car at home. Zeon didn't charge me anything for the top up so didn't pay anything there. In Kerala, the cost of residential power is around Rs. 6, so will be incurring around Rs. 200. 
That's my total cost for the onward journey. Rs. 200/- !

Will update regarding my return journey once I return.

Anticipating some usual extra smart comments/questions, and answering the same below:
1) Normal charging time with my 20A charger from 0-100% : 10 hours. I reach my destination, plug it in overnight, it's ready to go the next morning.
2) Range with AC: 350km, 380km without. (Both are actual tested figures)
3) NO, power is not being generated out of coal alone, we are quickly moving towards renewable sources of energy in the last 3-4 years, please look it up.
4) NO, batteries are not harmful for disposal, and can be re-purposed very easily after 8-9 years. Am using my old e2o batteries in my rooftop solar system, and is easily retaining about 80% of the charge it used to retain when new. 
5) Yes mining minerals for the battery pack is messy, but still lot cleaner than regular fossil fuels.

- Akhil Venkateshwaran

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    Hello Everyone,

    I own one of the best little wonder, Tata Nano Twist XT.

    It's speciality small outside huge inside....

    Fulfills all my requirement. Long drives, city drive...etc.

    A perfect car for city to drive ,fuel efficient, low maintenance & many more things.

    No negative thoughts in mind for it.

    The car is just amazing ????

    Thank you!

    - Yanvishankar Pandey



    My experience with the Beast is of Next Level. I have driven it around 8000+ KMs Since November 2019. The SUV has has really scored well in almost every sector, be it Design, looks, build quality, Comfort level, Premiumness, Drivability, amazing Suspension tuning done by Lotus or the Harman tuned Infotainment system to make your long drives even more fun. I have driven it till date in almost every sort of terrain, be it city roads, highways, muddy patches or off roading, my machine has never disappointed me. Now i really look for even a smallest excuse to enjoy its




    - Gurdeep Juneja

    Got my Altroz delivered on the 11th of June and since day 1, it has exceeded my expectations. First off, the build quality is top-notch.

    Styling is best in class and I could assure you that you wouldn't have seen a better-looking hatch in the roads. Even in its base Variant, the car is very eye-catching. Coming to the interiors, space is ample and you could easily fit in a family of 5.

    The interior quality and the materials usedares also very good. Though there are many hard plastic bits, they don't feel cheap.

    Ride and handlinareis very good and the ride quality



    is very nice. The engine feels responsive in 2.5k- 4k rpm. In the lower and higher rev range, the revs climb very slowly.

    The car feels very stable at high speeds. It could cruise in 100-130 kmph, but after that, the engine feels very stressed. Overtaking in highways require pre-planning and sudden overtaking is not much possible. This is the only downside that I've experienced. But the car is no slouch either.

    In cities, it is very easier to overtake in 3rd or 4th gears and you will feel that the car is adequately powered for its weight. Brakes are really sure-footed and theare is no nose dives. Boot space is ample and it is well practical.

    There are many reviews where the Altroz is described as underpowered. But I have felt the lack of power only above 1mphmph. Below that, if you are in the right gear, you would feel that the car is well powered if you are on the right gear. On the whole, it is a very good buy if space, looks and ride quality is your utmost priority.

    - Navieen